Lost, in Hawai’i

Lots of people dream of moving to Hawai’i. A few people do, most of them turn back. I now understand why.

My plan seemed simple enough. Spend the summer driving around the Big Island with Wildcat. Find a charming little town, then an apartment, settle down. My intention: reflection & healing. After so many years in the corporate world, an opportunity at a new start.

Six stitches, four car towings, two ER visits, one dislocated rib, a bout of pancreatitis later.. I can summarily say, it was the summer of hurdles. Clearly this island isn’t going to welcome just anybody – I must be tested.

It’s now been a couple months in one spot. Home is a little balinese bungalow, walking distance to the beach. I share it with at least a half dozen geckos. The people I meet continue to amaze me with their warmth, wisdom & kindness. Dolphins swim into the bay most mornings – they play, feed, sleep, then return for more play. Good inspiration & company.

I have a routine! Finally, time and energy to devote towards my intention. It feels like I’m making progress.