Kimon is an explorer, engineer, and entrepreneur living in Kensington, California. Formerly Co-Founder of Push Pop Press, he helped create the first interactive, immersive, feature-length digital book. His company was acquired by Facebook in 2011.

At Facebook, Kimon led the web to native transition, Paper, and Instant Articles. As a prolific open-source contributor, he helped rekindle the Facebook iOS OSS initiative. Prior to Push Pop Press, he was a Senior Engineer at Apple where he helped create iPhone and iPad.

Kimon has been collecting peak experiences since high school. The associated habits have allowed him to perform at his best, while also having a lot of fun. To learn more, Kimon is thrilled to introduce you to The Lotus Lab.

Kimon now spends his time studying acupuncture, exploring spirituality, and facilitating peak experiences in others.