January, February, March flew by. I got to spend time with some of my favorite beings. I also remembered, I like snow! These are the months – and especially the year – to be a snowbird.


2017 started with a visit to Greece to see my dad. Undertook some long neglected projects. Goodbye swing set that’s been around since I was ten. Cleaned my room – and in the process found some priceless drawings & mementos – even cleaned the basement. We took μπαμπά’s new german shepard out for many a walks. He’s the strongest, smartest, most playful dog I’ve ever met.


Any visit to Europe, now better through Norway. Got to see Hanne, Diderich, Nico & Phillip. Some highlights, a number of walks around downtown Oslo with Hanne, joining for her Ashtanga yoga class – it was me and and a sea of 50 Norwegian ladies, the only words I understood were Sanskrit! – a number of delicious meals, and great company.

Nico & Phillip both had surprises. After discussing computers & programming by summer, Nico has built a full-on asteroid shooter! Phillip is producing music. He contributed the game’s opening soundtrack, and has published his first song on YouTube!

Nico’s first game, Crazy Romo
Phillip’s first song, Digital World


Couldn’t have picked a better weekend to visit Ion, Pammy & Tess in Boston. The Woman’s march was peaceful, powerful and downright-right inspiring. We ended affairs appropriately, a visit to Redbones. Reminisced about Ion’s college years, including Hanne’s first visit! Tess is almost two and is very talkative. She loves putting words together!



Keeping with tradition, celebrated my birthday weekend in Tahoe. It was such a great crew, with many familiar faces. Surprise guest appearances, and new additions: Jbk & Marta, Detlev & Dunia, Aria, Greg, Aroon! Spent the next two months on and off the slopes, made friends around Truckee. New Moon health food store, Dark Horse coffee rosters, both places super rad.



No shortage of fun happenings in the Bay. David had The Party! Where we drink the last remaining inch of whiskey and make room for new. Alcy took me on a playdate to Totland, we talked sisters. I got to walk, and drive, around town with Bella. What an adorable sweetheart.

A hui hou, Bay! Until we meet again.